Some true facts about Richard Lackie

Married once and divorced
Parents still alive and married
One sibling: older brother
Competitive cook: BBQ, chili, homebrew
(My ribs are better than your grandpa’s…so don’t challenge me)
Junior high athlete, present day nerd
TV, Movie and Music junky
Actually enjoys Theoretical Physics (see it told you: nerd)
Fan of many teams based on moving a lot as a kid
(Vols football, Wildcats Basketball, Vikings, Braves, Grizzlies)
Predicted Douglas would beat Tyson
Handcuffed once, but never arrested
Never got busy in a Burger King Bathroom
Did get busy in an Adam’s Mark service elevator
Could possibly be able to eat my weight in banana pudding
Beer: dark and malty
Coffee: cream no sugar
Death row meal: fried catfish…and banana pudding
Missed the first 5 minutes of Star Wars in 1977, still blame my mother
2nd chair saxophone in grade school (nerd)
Hate Nickelback, secretly kind of like some Katy Perry stuff
The Beatles are the most important rock band ever…don’t even argue.
Dogs: Great
Cats: meh
Goldfish: f*ck those guys…freeloaders
Accepted into NASA to be an astronaut, turned them down to pursue acting
(Ok that last one isn’t true at all, sorry about that)
Could never wear contacts because the idea of touching my eye is icky
Can swim, hate water
Great Grandmother used to dip snuff
Online gamer (again, nerd)
Once knew a girl that ate paste.
Still think farts are funny.
Natural skeptic
Optimistic cynic
All sports are cool and I’m hip on dancing
always and forever a Mohrrior