How Did You Get Here Stefani Baez?

So I did not grow up with sports, was not involved in a sport, I was/am a theater geek…school plays, community plays, yeah all that…in 2003 I started seeing this guy, who is now my husband, and he is like a sports fanatic, like an entire room in our house is “the sports room”…like three years into the relationship I realized that Sports Center can only be humming in the background of your life for so long before you start picking some of that shit up, suddenly I’m in sports conversations…a couple more years allofasudden I know more about sports than all my co-workers (which actually isn’t saying much). When we eventually moved in together he was like “ok I can’t live in a house with someone who doesn’t route for their teams, so you gotta choose” n I had all of like three seconds to choose my ride or dies… Steelers, Clips, Dodgers, Trojans, Duke… But with that said I do find myself falling in love with lots of individual players and coaches that aren’t on any of those teams… and that’s how I got into sports and found myself one day listening to the Jay Mohr Sports show and making friends with all the Mohrriors on that Tweet deck.

And just for fun, I made a quick pro & con list possibly showing why I’m the WORST, cool person you will ever meet…

Pro: If you talk to me we will have a totally cool convo
Con: you’ll have to say hi first cuz I avoid eye contact af

Pro: I love food, like a foodie loves food, I will and have waited 2 hours for a hotdog…I’ve waited a lot longer, for a lot less…
Con: hate onions, mayo, and any dessert with raisins, I will send it back, don’t test me… :/

Pro: I will engage you in intellectual conversation
Con: I will argue with you with over-exaggerations, throwing most all logic out the window…I once convinced someone that Boston was a state this way…

Pro: I can hype up anything
Con: I will hype up everything

Pro: I like talking to people n really getting to know them
Con: It can make me seem like the thirstiest broad alive

Pro: I LOVE basketball!
Con: Clipper fan

Until next time, Stefani