Steph Curry

Curry is electrifying the league right now. The expressions of joy and childlike glee are incredibly infectious and put smiles on everyone’s faces… but enough about his daughter Riley.

Steph Curry on the other hand is quite the spectacle. I can’t get enough of his inhuman range, his uncanny ball handling skills, and his otherworldly confidence on both ends of the floor. Steph Curry is that kind of baller that elicits the “Jordan effect” where the question is posed:

Where were you when…?

It’s a question that only applies to performances so mind blowing that the memories of exactly what you were doing and where you were when it happened, are indelibly ETCHed in your minds.

Where were you when MJ switched the ball in mid-air on A.C. Green during The Finals – Game 2 vs the Lakers?

Where were you when during game 6, The Finals vs the Utah Jazz, MJ pushed Byron Russell out of the way and took “The Shot”?

Where were you when Steph Curry took a near 40 footer to place the dagger in the heart of OKC with less than 6 seconds left?

Well, do you know where I was during most of those events?

On my couch, wearing torn sweatpants, whicapri-sunle eating trail mix and sipping a Capri Sun, the straw of which was not properly injected in that hole on the side. In fact, that’s where I am and what I’m doing when pretty much all momentous newsworthy events take place.

I never understood Capri Suns. It takes 5 minutes to insert a straw in a container filled with 3 seconds of juice. Who looks at aluminum foil and says, “Hey, why don’t we take fruit flavored moisture and wrap it up?”

Why are kids exposed to NASA style packets of rationed fruit punch? My nephew wanted to know what it feels like being an astronaut in zero gravity. I gave him a Capri Sun and put him on a roller coaster.

We are watching something special here. Steph Curry is fundamentally transforming NBA basketball as we speak. This is a historic season, a historic performance by what appears to be a generational player. Let us all pause, take a moment, and watch the greatness of Steph Curry

I must wrap this up because soon the Golden State Warriors are about to play. I’ve got my checklist of ‘Where was I when…?” items:

  1. Torn sweatpants
  2. Corn chips
  3. 40 bags of Very Berry Capri Suns
  4. Couch

-Etchant Man

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