Nivek Zitro: A Backwards Life

When I was about 5 years old, my cousin Jackie came to live with us. This was partly because she needed a place to stay, and partly because my father had passed away and I think she felt as though my mother could use the company of another adult, as well as an extra hand with the kids (myself and my older brother). Jackie was an amazing influence on my life, in more ways than I will ever really get to explain to her, as we really never get to speak much anymore. Jackie introduced me to many different types of music, which led to an eclectic taste that I still maintain today. Jackie had an incredibly sexy friend that she brought around the house, and I would definitely refer to her as my first love, or more accurately, the first girl that I really wanted to…..take to a nice dinner. Jackie also gave my brother and me a lot of interesting crafts and hobbies to complete, many of which hold fond memories for me until this very day.

One craft that we did that stands out in my mind is the t-shirts that we made that we were going to wear when we went on our annual family trip to San Diego. My t-shirt was baby blue, and we ironed on a picture of a coyote that was skateboarding. This was very hip at the time, I assure you. It was what we cool kids called, Spud McKenzie/Rude Dog Sheik. After we decorated the iron-on with glitter and paint coloring, I decided that I was going to do a free-hand portrait of myself on the back of the shirt. (The picture still hangs in a villa in Spain to this very day. Very pricey). After the portrait was complete, I figured I would write my name as well. I was just about to start when my cousin Jackie stated that I should not write my actual name, because a stranger would see it and might use it to make a young, unsuspecting kid think that he knew me. What could I do, then? Well, of course I did the only logical thing one could do in a situation like that. I wrote my name backwards. And thus, Nivek Zitro was born. Thank you Jackie….and thank you to all my adoring fans, especially the ones with the huge, heaving breasts.