Ladies Line: Damn, Golden State Tho!

“Unreal” “inhuman” “abnormal” “unbelievable”, you all know, or perhaps painfully know if you route for another team, these are some of the terms being used to describe the 2016 Golden State Warriors. I think I’m a little done with these words though. I saw a tweet from ESPN the other night, commenting on Steph Curry’s 6th three point shot made in a row. They called him “not normal”. I was angered. I quickly tweeted back that it IS normal for him! I wished I had more characters to chastise ESPN and all the other analysts, shows, etc. to say ENOUGH! Stop dismissing GSW greatness and accomplishments by trying to explain it away as just “not normal”. I get that they are using the terms as compliments but you know what is very “real”? You know what is very “human”? You know what is very “normal”? The amount of hard work and practice and discipline and time away from home and focus and trust that what seems like all of the GSW are fostering and executing day in and day out. I bet they wish all the hard work they have to put into their craft was unreal. I’m just saying, recognize the hard work, just because they make it look easy, doesn’t mean it is easy.

And then there’s the haters. Always talkin bout “this small ball is soft” “this team could never make it against the OG Larry Birds, Charles Barkleys, Magic Johnsons” “raining three’s isn’t basketball” and I’m done. I can’t. It’s not enough that GS is already better than every single other team currently in the NBA, they gotta be better than everyone that ever was just to get some respect? Meanwhile Laker fans, during what will go down as the worst laker record in franchise history, are ready to nut themselves talking them up and making excuses?! Get outta here. Look I get it, in the 80’s-90’s basketball was ALL ABOUT the bigs. You couldn’t win a championship unless you had a dominant and amazing big in the paint to build your team around. And guess what, the NBA still has bigs, but we are all witnessing GS quickly make them irrelevant. You don’t believe me, ask Dwight Howard. They are changing the game people! Just like the great bigs changed the game of their time. The 2015-2016 GS team is so good at what they do they changed the way other teams approach their game plans, changed the way other teams organize their starters, I think they are changing the way NBA teams conduct trades. Did you notice how this years trade deadline seemed kinda quiet compared to recent years? I think some front offices weren’t quite sure what to do and I have to believe at least part of the uncertainty is about not quite knowing what pieces go together to beat GS.

I’m not even a GS fan, but I recognize greatness when I see it and it’s exciting! Instead of talking crap about it or dismissing their hard work as “abnormal”, I’m gonna sit at the edge of my seat and see how the rest of the NBA works hard, mobilizes, and plans on a way to beat these game changers.

Ladies Line is Lit!

-Stefani Baez

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