60 Days In

The new show you have to catch is A&E’s 60 Days In. The two first episodes aired Thursday night, March 10. A new episode airs next Thursday night. If you don’t like watching in your web browser (link above), my DVR’s scheduler tells me they are kinda proud of this show, so check yours for air times.

The premise of the show is that the Sheriff of Clark County, Indiana wants to get to the bottom of corruption and other bad behavior in his jail. So he got a bunch of citizens (read: publicity whores) to volunteer to be incarcerated for 60 days and give him the 411 when they get out. Only the Sheriff, a trainer, and “one other guy” know that these inmates are plants. The documentary team’s story is that they are interviewing first timers as they adjust to life in jail. The Sheriff also installed updated surveillance cameras so he could keep an eye on things.

In the introductory episode, we learn about the volunteers. One is a female cop (top right in lineup below) who reveals that she has a badge tattoo on her inner thigh or something like that. She also has a pull-up bar attached to her ear lobe. Another is the eldest daughter of Mohamed Ali (top left). Aside: I can’t wait until the Cromartie kids are old enough to do reality TV. There’s a marine (main picture above) who wants to be a DEA agent, a school teacher (top middle) who might have been inspired by “Get Hard”, and a 25 year old military wife (bottom middle) and mother of two who thinks prisoners are coddled.

tv_days_six1a.jpg (664×441)

In the second episode, they begin putting the volunteers in jail. Marine guy looks like he’s gonna be cell block captain before the next recess, while school teacher guy mucks up his cover with a story about being arrested at a stop sign on an interstate highway. Cop girl has her shower shoes stolen. Teacher guy has, according to the other inmates, a very tight ass, but has everyone convinced he’s a cop. I’m thinking that might not be the worst strategy. At the end of the episode. military wife is added to the block where female cop can’t keep hold of her shower shoes. But neither knows that the other is one of the volunteers. Bum bum, bum bum, BUM!!

I am left with a couple of ideas for future seasons of this show:

  • In season two, they should find a county that has no prisoners in its jail, then find actors and volunteers to be prisoners. The volunteers would score points for not doing prison things like drinking jenkem, snorting lines of smuggled in Adderall, or hooking up with other prisoners. Hopefully, they will reach out to John Holland Moore to direct this season.
  • Season three could be called “Celebrity 60 Days In”. They might just be filming it now. I hear that Dak Prescott’s arrest last night for DUI was faked so he’d have time to complete his participation before attending his team’s rookie mini-camp.

Watch this show. It is amazing!

-Brad Hutchings

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