Ladies Line: It’s March Madness! Who You Takin to the Dance?

March Madness is here! And Selection Sunday is just a day away! Like the rest of America, it’s time to break out those pencils, fill out a bracket, erase everything, fill it out again, then change a bunch of shit once you get to the computer to “set it” and STILL end up losing to “Peg in Accounting”. Then you go to work on Monday after an emotional af weekend cuz EVERY single March you end up sobbing at home right with the poor boys you had probly just spent an hour routing against. But they poured their hearts out and you cry with them in defeat cuz they’re just, so, devastated…Or is that just me..? Honestly, am I the only one who gets overwhelmed with sympathy for the 18 and 19 year old boys who left their hearts on the court and came up just short?

Of course I route for The Dukies, which explains why I have such a raging hard on for JJ Reddick, who is now a Clip of course, that’s like double damage for me, but that’s besides the point… Ok, so coming from someone who does not follow college basketball very closely, except to watch a handful of Duke games, here’s some Ladies Line tips for filling out that 2016 bracket, that mean absolutely nothing and are basically based on nothing lol:

  • Have Fun! Who cares if you don’t know half the teams, I’ve seen alleged “expert’s” brackets go up in flames after day one.
  • Take Risks! Especially this year because it seems like there are no “clear cut” favorites to take it all.
  • ESPN bleacher report has these guys sittin at the top seeds: Kansas Jayhawks, Villanova Wildcats, North Carolina Tar Heels and Virginia Cavaliers. But so what, #1 seeds don’t always win, or even get far. Except #1 seed Duke won last year , but the year before it was a #7 against a #8 in the finals, so it’s a crap shoot…
  • When u see Gonzaga on the bracket you might be thinking “oh yeah, they’re good”. Not this year boo, they barely made it…but you never know.
  • Sure Florida Gulf Coast beat a #1 seed, but they needed OT to beat a #7…something to overthink and over analyze.
  • If it seems like a toss up scenario, go with your gut, or just pick the team with the better uni colors *shrugs* works for me…
  • Did I mention have fun!
  • Last, watch the games with a good heart and weather ur bracket is more busted than, well you can finish that joke, or has a good run, be proud of all the talented, young, American boys who are working hard and putting everything they have into this tourney…
  • Have fun this Selection Sunday, hell live tweet that bitch.

Ladies Line is Lit!!

-Stefani Baez

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