Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Etchant Man

Tyler Perry movies have often been the subject of much mockery on Jay Mohr sports, not necessarily by Jay himself, but by some his listeners. I will attempt to explain why this is so, why Tyler Perry flicks illicit such harsh criticism.

Virtually every Tyler Perry movie is entitled “Tyler Perry’s …”

  1. Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman
  2. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion
  3. Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail

The expression “Tyler Perry’s…” is code for “save your $11.50”.

“Tyler Perry’s …” is used to signal the audience that garbage is on the way… Years ago, i went to see one his movies. I approached the ticket lady and said, “I’d like one adult ticket to ‘Can i have my money back’s Madea Goes to Jail.'”

It can be used in so many ingenious ways.

  1. Father — “I think lil’ Rupert went “TYLER PERRY’S….” in his diaper.
  2. The Nightly News– “TYLER PERRY’S Chipotle, suffers huge financial losses
  3. NFL–“TYLER PERRY’S Dolphins’ season collapses.
  4. NBA–“TYLER PERRY’S Carmelo Anthony takes a “TYLER PERRY’S” ill advised jumper instead of passing it to “TYLER PERRY’S” open teammate.

The following video sort of encapsulates my antipathy for Tyler Perry movies.

I often ask myself why the bear from “The Revenant” couldn’t make cameo appearances in his movies. Madea gets devoured by the beast while offering advice. The bear then scats in a nearby forest…hence… “Tyler Perry’s Diarrhea of a Mad Black Bear”

The bottom line is that I think Tyler Perry is an extraordinarily talented young man with a vivid imagination and courageous spirit. Perhaps he could raise his game and stop with these ridiculously, unbelievably, absurdly, obnoxious… You know what? There’s way too much comedy there… NEVERMIND

-Etchant Man

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