The Orny Man for the Job

The other night I attended the 2nd show, or the late show, at the Brea Improv, to see Orny Adams, actor and comedian. Orny is at the Improv a lot, so if you have the chance, please go see him, because it is one of the most proficient things you can do with your $20. As we stood in line to enter, I noticed the flood of people exiting the first show; high in number, and happy in attitude. However, when my party were officially seated and the show began, I looked up to notice that the building was less than half full. I guess people have not yet caught on to how amazing Orny Adams truly is.

I first saw Orny Adams around Valentines Day of Feburary 2015. The best way to describe Orny is like a bull dog off his leash. Do not misinterpret this analogy though, because he is not going attack you, the audience….but he will attack everything else. Vegan diets, water bottles, hipsters, and goldfish crackers. Nothing is safe. Orny lays in to his comedy like a lumberjack who will not stop until the tree in front of him has fallen, and even then he may chop it a few more times. Seeing him on stage it almost looks like he’s cursed with getting out as many comedic complaints as he can before the show is over, or else he’ll be forced to say them to himself on the way home. You also get to see his genuine passion, and you believe that he loves comedy and loves the stage. That is important to me. I have always said, “I know the guy working at K-Mart does not want to be behind the register, but part of his job is convincing that he does not want to bash his head against the counter, at least during his shift.” I get it. Comedy is a tough hustle. Selling shirts, flying around, trying to build a brand and fan base, these may not be what the guy or girl up there envisioned when they were young. However, if I see a man busting his ass for a half sold-out crowd, I know there is love in there….no matter how many times Orny uttered, “This is my life?”

So, who is Orny Adams? Let me begin by saying I knew who Orny was prior to his appearance on #MohrStories with Jay Mohr, as a star on the MTV Teen Wolf series, but I had no idea he did comedy until that episode of the podcast. SO, thank you JJ. Orny Adams is Seinfield after drinking all the coffee…in the entire grocery store! He takes then cliché, “What’s that all about?” comedy to a different level. And the most charming thing about this is that you get the impression that he yells these things at the TV at home alone even when no paying audience is watching him. Orny gave the audience every last drop on that stage and we could feel his energy because he wears it on his sleeves. It is like he doesn’t want you to take his eyes or ears off of him, even if you turn away to ask for another drink. He is intense, but above all he is funny. I seriously beg of you, if you are near wherever he is performing, please go see him. If you don’t think he is funny, please send complaints to Santa Clause, as neither your complaints nor Santa are legitimate things in this world. That one was for you Orny.

I’d be remiss if I did not link Orny back to Jay Mohr somehow, as this article is for a fansite for him and #WE. Therefore, a quick compare contrast metaphor. Orny is not a rookie in the league, but he is a 5 year man, still diving on the floor, running up and down the court, shooting 50 times, and getting 30 pts a night easy. There is not a team that would not love to have him. He will get at least 3 rings, easy. JJ, is the savvy vet. Calm and collected. He’ll get his points too, cleverly. Pick and rolls, stop and pops, and even maybe and off-the-back toss in from out of bounds. He lets the points come to him, because, well he can. He’ll be on dozens of championship teams before his career is over. Neither of these players are better than the other, they are just different, and we should go see both of them as much as we can because their games are always evolving, and we do not want to miss the next level of it.

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-Kevin Ortiz

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