Ladies Line: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

A little while ago our Mohrrior friend and THTC member many times over Brian_C60 said he “wasn’t YCamp counselor material” and I had to reach out to him. I actually am a YCamp counselor, and Brian lives in the same town as me, so ipso-facto we have the same ymca. Had to ask why he wasn’t and if he was interested I could get him involved n all that, but he said it was many years ago and water under the bridge at this point.

I wonder if any other Mohrriors out there are affiliated in some way with YCamp? Maybe your kids go to camp, maybe you went as a kid? Maybe u still volunteer as a counselor? If any of these are true for you then you may be familiar with the YCamp raggers program. I am in this program. There’s a semi-long story about the raggers program but I won’t get long winded. It’s basically a way of living your life, always working toward the betterment of the self, others and community. There are actual rags given out, and that rag is an outward symbol of an inward goal that one is working toward. And sometimes they are hard goals. It took me 6 years to complete my first goal. I didn’t get along with my sister, like for reals, we were not friends. I made a goal to make her my friend. We had been so awful to each other over the years that it took a really long time, years, for her to even trust my friendly gestures. But we finally did it, we found the love. She has become my very best friend, she was my very maid of honor and a few years later I was hers, and both by choice not by obligation. I can’t imagine a day without having talked to or seen her. Making that goal a reality is possibly the best thing I have ever done for myself. This is just one example of the many goals I’ve set for myself over the 16 years that I’ve been volunteering at my local YCamp as a camp counselor.
Rest assured when San Pedro YCamp counselor’s aren’t busy changing themselves for the better, they are doing everything they can to have a positive impact on your children. We believe that we can change lives by providing your children with positive messages and positive experiences. Perhaps that’s why I like the Mohrriors so much, I often feel that you believe in something similar if not the same.

I will share with you all the raggers creed. It’s from the program and its basically how I try to live my life. Some days it’s easier than others of course, and some days I completely fail at maintaining a disposition, an attitude, an outlook, a life that fits into the messages behind this creed. But I do try, I try, I try.

I would be true for there are those who trust me
I would be pure for there are those who care
I would be strong for there is much to suffer
I would be brave for there is much to dare
I would be friend to all the foe – the friendless
I would be giving and forget the gift
I would be humble for I know my weakness
I would look up – and laugh – and love – and lift.

San Pedro YCamp is super fun! Full of activities and fun in the sun! But this creed is what being at San Pedro’s YCamp is really about. I specify San Pedro because that’s the only YMCA people, personnel, and site that I have any personal experience with. And I am changed for the better because of those experiences. I wish you guys could all send your kids to camp with us, and hey you could come too as a counselor…

I have shared something very personal, and very important to me. This program has made me more forgiving, more patient, and a better friend, especially to those who have none, than I ever would have been without.

Look into your local site if you’re curious. Look up some Yelp reviews. Get involved if you can. Go be a counselor and invest in your community’s youth. You can change lives for the better! 💟

Love you guys. Miss you everyday Dean. I hope to talk to you all soon. Hit me up on Twitter.

-Stefani Baez

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