No Fooling, at the Foolishness

April Foolishness is a night where many great comedians come out to play for a great cause, but there was one comedian in particular who was not fooling around at all. The first time I had heard about comedian, Iliza Shlesinger, was when she was on Mohr Stories, but I must admit that even after that I never took any initiative to seek out her comedy on the internet or watch any of her specials. It was nothing personal against her, but it was just not on my “to do list.” However, after last night, my “to do list” grew a little. In never seeing any of her stand-up previously, I did not know what to expect when Iliza came out on stage. Would she be the “I’m kinda funny but I’m pretty too so I get by” type of girl comedian? Would she be the “I’m bitter about the male dominancy of my profession” type of girl comedian? Would she be the “Damn that was a funny ass comedian, boy or girl, I do not care, they killed it” kind of comedian? The answer, I soon found out, was sort of a splendid mix all of those things….but mostly the latter.

I never want to be a reviewer that gives away any jokes in a set, because that is not fair to the comedian at all, but I will always try to reference things for the reader without giving away the laughs. That being said, Iliza came out strong with…wait for it….the Party Goblin….wait, what? I know, I know. I was sceptic at first too. If it sounds silly, it’s because it sort of was, and the fact that she had a raspy Snow White’s witch voice to go with the character made it a little sillier. However, that silliness soon faded when she took that $1 bill and flipped it into a stack of hundreds. The Party Goblin was the beginning of a story and then a series of comedy thereafter that paid dividends. The Party Goblin was the start of what I assume now to be at the very least a 30-40 minute set, but I did not care to look at the time after Iliza started rolling, and it just turned into one of the most energetic things I have personally seen on a live comedy stage. Iliza had presence, she had composer, and she had a charm that tells you that she is not above falling flat on her face on stage, because screw it, she would kill you with the next 10 zingers anyway so why did it matter. It was beautiful to watch. She ranged from story-telling, to addressing feminism in such a way that the audience of what I think was more than 50% men did not care that she was literally addressing feminism, to tackling reality show BS, and finally sticking it hard to the Mermaids!! Oh yeah, she went there. In between all this she did character voices, not impressions, but character voices of “type people” she referenced, and she was dead on with all of them. She made me a fan easy, and the crowd was with her all the way, to the point that no one would have left there seats if those lights went out and she just kept talking. I could be wrong about what I am about to surmise, but I noticed that towards the end of the set that Iliza was looking back stage about 2-3 times. I like to believe that they were giving her the “wrap it up” look from behind stage and in her mind she was thinking, “Let me just finish this one joke that would kill, and then this next one, and then this next one…” Again, I could be wrong, but if I am right, Iliza, no one in the audience was mad at you at all for doing it. In fact, we would like to thank you.

Before I end, I have to say that Iliza is stunning, and trust me I am not just saying that. She does have an aura about her that lets you know she could easily be the girl next door that is funny and cute and all those stereotypical things, but I have no doubt that if she walked into a club with the intent of causing the music to stop and all eyes to focus on her, that she easily could. And I got all of this from her being dressed in a Queen t-shirt and some black work-out pants. And also reader, before you go all, “Why do you have to bring up her looks, Kevin, just because she is a girl?,” let me just say that I would totally tell you if a male comedian was looking good or not…..Eddie Ifft definitely works his pecs and shoulders. I just think Iliza would appreciate to know that her fans recognize how gorgeous she is. Do your thang girl….do….your….thang.

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-Kevin Ortiz

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