Kobe Bryant, the World’s First Black Magician?

What more can one ask for on a night when the Golden State Warriors eclipsed what some have thought to be, an unbreakable record in the post Jordan NBA era?


Kobe ‘Black Mamba’ Bryant strapping his god forsaken ragtag team of quasi talented miscreants, on his Jordanesque back and pouring in 60 meaningful flow of the game points to defeat the Utah Jazz in his very last game. It was perfect. It was historic. It was storybook, and dare I say, it was pure MAGIC which leads to another historic moment in world history.

Kobe Bryant’s magical night transformed him into a black magician which NO ONE EVER SEES… Black magicians? Up until Kobe Bryant, I’ve rarely seen black magicians and I’ve never figured why that is until now. Below, is my personal take on the subject, and yes, I’m using Kobe Bryant as an excuse to show this ridiculous video of mine. Mind you, I look like Rick Fox after 4 days of decomposition, which means that I’m a black guy about to make a bold statement here on Jay Mohr fans…Here it goes–

Give me 5 names of real black magicians, not metaphorical black magicians like Kanye West… and i’ll stand down!!

-Etchant Man

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