Bye Brows 2013

This is a guest post by I Shot JR, @UKnowWhoIAm85 on Twitter.

What if I told you a 43 year old man, married with 3 children, once shaved his eyebrows to win a contest that had no prize? I can see an entire nation of people creating an “L” with their fingers and slapping it on their forehead. But what if I told you there was more to that story than most know? Here is the story of how a single tweet can change someone’s life forever.

Jan 3, 2013, Apopka, FL

The start of a new year brought an unexpected, amazing surprise. As I tuned in to 740 The Team, I had no idea who would be coming on. Jim Rome had announced he was leaving for CBS, and when I first heard Jay Mohr’s voice, I assumed he was simply filling in for Rome until they found a replacement. Like most of you, I LOVED it when JJ filled in for Rome. After a few days, I figured out this was a permanent thing, and the JAY MOHR SPORTS era had begun! Those first few months were amazing, there had never been anything like this show on the radio, and it seemed to get better and better every single day. We were introduced to some amazing people over the next few months: Matty, Diamond Dan, The Werewolf, Brain, 2E, and RAMOS. But besides the guys ON the show, we were also introduced to many other AMAZING people.

Now, there really isn’t any way to say this without sounding like a grumpy old man, but I’m gonna do it anyway, because I am a grumpy old man.

When JMS first hit the scene, winning a Twitter Hat Trick was about the coolest thing going on sports radio. Jay really made a tremendous effort to involve the listeners in his show. It was the exact opposite of “MORE OF ME, LESS OF YOU” that we had grown used to over the years. We were introduced to some of the ALL TIME greats from the show’s outset: Drew Ernakovich, The Great Bluedini, DTheSeaHorse, FunnyHow, MikeInVegas, JayinSanAntonio and Man of Letters. These dudes were hilarious from day one. They set the bar high, and they pushed it higher every single day. If you won a Hat Trick in the first couple months of the show, you were amazing.

Feb 26, 2013 Apopka, FL

Apopka, FL is a small town about 30 miles NW of Orlando. There isn’t much here, but for some reason it quickly become one of the most important towns in Jay Mohr Sports history. On Feb 26, @jaygray73 won his first Hat Trick. Jason is one of my closest friends, and hearing his tweets read on a nationally syndicated radio show was so freaking cool. After Jason won, he began telling me and our mutual friend, @shecky14 (Yes, THAT @shecky14) about an amazing aspect of winning that we really hadn’t known. All of the previous THT winners had begun this kind of club for the guys who had won. They all followed each other on Twitter. They began the process of getting to know each other, finding out who the other members were, where they were from, what kinds of books they read, what kind of music they enjoyed, really getting to know each other on a personal level. These guys had stumbled onto something fantastic, and I don’t even think JJ knew that this was going to happen when he began giving out these Hat Tricks. Etchant Man and I knew we wanted to be a part of this special club, so we stepped our Twitter games up.

Mar 21, 2013 Apopka, FL

The world is officially introduced to Etchant Man as he claims his first Twitter Hat Trick on Jay Mohr Sports. 2 down, 1 to go.

May 24, 2013 Apopka, FL

I was KILLING it that day. I had a tweet read in the 1st segment. I had 2 read before the end of the 1st hour. Jason and Etch were texting me, telling me it was my day. Guys in the THTC were tweeting me, telling me to keep it up. Halfway through the 3rd hour, Jay read a 3rd Tweet of mine. FINALLY, I was in. I had done it, 3 friends from Apopka were in. Brad Hutchings sent me a congratulations tweet and added me to the calendar. There was just one problem. At the show’s end, Jay announced that @idofavorsforu had won his 3rd Hat Trick. Everyone was shocked. Not because Favor’s won, the kid was great. But up until that day, the 1st person to have 3 tweets read on the show had always won. I was gracious in defeat, but I was beginning to wonder if I would ever win.

Sept 16, 2013

The day started out like any Monday for me. I woke up early, left the house while my family was still sleeping, and headed out to work. It was my typical practice to get to work early and kill it in the AM so I could take a long lunch and listen to the show. By now, Jason had 3 Hat Tricks, and Etch had 5. Freaking Drew had 14, and Man of Letters had 11. Although I hadn’t won, the guys in the THTC had somewhat let me in. I like to joke that I was a “members guest” since 2 of my closest friends were in. In the 1st segment of the show, Jay began talking about a bet that Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson had made with each other, that the loser of their game would shave his eyebrows. They even did a commercial. That’s when it happened.

“Jay, I will shave my eyebrows with my #DollarShaveClub razor if I win today’s THT”

The second I sent the tweet I KNEW I was in trouble. I almost deleted it, but I figured even if they saw it, I could always just say it was a joke, right?



Every member of the THTC, RT and LIKE.


Jay: “OK, it looks like the THT contest is over early today guys, I just got a tweet from Johnny Ringo that says he will shave his eyebrows if he wins today! He can send me two more tweets of his feet and he’s winning today, right?”


Two hours later, JJ announced it officially, I had won, Jay was now following me on Twitter, as well as every single member of the THTC. Although I was really happy to have won, I was also freaking out. Would these guys actually hold me to this? If I didn’t do it, would I be kicked out? Does a joke on Twitter need to be honored to keep one’s integrity?
I immediately tweeted Jay and Matty, I told them thanks for picking me as the winner. Jay tweeted back, “When are you going to shave them?”


Besides Matty and Jay, a lot of the guys in the THTC felt like I was obligated to do it too. (I’m looking at you French Fry Phil) Some of them said I was crazy and they wouldn’t do it. Most said either way they respected me and would understand no matter what I did.

Sept 24, 2013

After returning home from a business trip, I saw that my package of Dollar Shave Club razors had finally arrived. After thinking about it for roughly a week, I had decided that I had made a promise to Jay and the THTC, and if I didn’t honor that promise, I would be a liar. Many of you know that my faith is very important to me, and being labeled as a liar without integrity would not be something I would want.

11:30, I sent a tweet to Jay and Matty saying I would be shaving today.
12:00, Jay Mohr Sports begins. I had not heard back from Matty or Jay as to how they wanted me to do this.
12:30, I sent another tweet asking if they were OK with me doing it. No Response.
1:00, Jay comes on and BLASTS me, saying I am taking too long, just do it already.
1:05, Left Eyebrow Gone.
1:07, Right Eyebrow Gone.

GbfR53Rc.jpg:large (480×640)

I tweet pics to Jay and Matty. Immediate reaction, THTC explodes, Jay and Matty are cracking up on the air, Jason and Etch are texting , they can’t believe I did it. No one can. I can’t. What the hell have I done? What is my wife going to say? What are my kids going to say? What is my Boss going to say?

I could go on forever with everyone’s reaction, but I will save that for another time. The question I get most from people regarding shaving my eyebrows is “Was it worth it?”

You Bet your eyebrows!

-I Shot JR (formerly Johnny Ringo)

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