The Baby Rhino

Editors note: Please suspend belief momentarily and accept that a baby rhino can talk.

A baby rhino once asked his mother, “Mother, why won’t anyone play with me?” The mother looked at him sweetly and said, “Go ask your father dear.” The baby rhino found his father soon after and asked, “Father, why won’t anyone play with me?” The father looked at his son and simply said, “Go ask your grandmother son.” The baby rhino then ventured out to find his grandmother, and when he did, he asked her, “Grandmother, why won’t anyone play with me?” The grandmother, nearly in tears, looked at her grandchild and said, “Go ask your grandfather my love.”

The baby rhino walked for miles and miles before spotting his grandfather standing near a small pond. “Grandfather,” he said, “why won’t anyone play with me?” The grandfather looked at the baby rhino in a very matter of fact way and said, “Cause you’re a rhino, stupid.” The baby rhino walked away, practically dragging his horn in the grass. At that moment, he knew what he would always know, and that was that he would never be anything but a baby rhino…until he was an adult rhino of course.

-Kevin Ortiz

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