My Uncle is a Serial Killer… Maybe

On a few occasions on Jay Mohr Sports, I hear about the Serial Killer Hall of Infamy.

I personally think it’s a rather disturbing, morbid, dark …AND UTTERLY FASCINATING concept, but allow me clarify something. The monsters on that list have truly left behind so much pain to families and communities, that it’s almost impossible to describe it. The despicable acts committed by such ones defy all that is decent and shocks the consciences of all salient human beings.

The Serial Killer Hall of Infamy is simply one way of making sense of the tragedy in some quantifiable way, a way of coping with something hard to wrap one’s mind around. It in no way is meant to diminish the horror and pain that those perpetrators left in their wake.

My wife @jojomouth is actually an expert on the subject and can give you details about the vast array of serial killers , from Ed Gein to BTK . Interestingly, Ed Gein was the inspiration to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho as well as other murderers in pop culture.  She always tells me that serial killers have a different psychological profile than spree killers like Columbine’s Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, so I suppose one can compose a list of  Spree Killers Hall of Infamy inductees.

There’s someone in my family that I suspect might be a serial killer. This is how I’m dealing with it

-Etchant Man

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