Texas (This One’s Gonna Leave a Marko)

This is a guest post by Marko The Sharko, @marktheshark32 on Twitter.

Howdy y’all, this is gonna be my contribution to the website, as y’all know I’m A Shark from the Badlands of South Texas, I’m raising two little sharks and they’re a handful. I was raised on country music and oldies but goodies, as I grew up I listened to it all metal, heavy metal, and Tejano music… I guess you can say I’m a little bit country and im a little bit rock n’ roll. Here’s a little view into my town.

I was Born in Houston and raised in the little border town of Laredo, where the culture here is outta control, We have Immigrants, natives, and gringos. We have some of the best Mexican food and are literally walking distance from Mexico. My little town is 150 miles south of San Antonio and about 300 miles Southwest of Houston. We have the annual George Washington celebration where we have a parade, a “Jamboozie”, the “JalapeƱo festival” and even a “Princess Pocahontas” crowning. People get dressed up as George and Martha and friends (it’s very elegant). The Princess Pocahontas crowning is a whole thing in itself, it’s like a beauty pageant where you have to show off your skills and prove that you’re worth being “Princess Pocahontas” and her court. I would’ve made a beautiful princess! When I say “my little town” it’s not that small of a town just slow in the times I guess you could say. The population of this “small town” is roughly 253,000-260,000 people, depends on how many people come to work that day from Mexico.

We also have some of the greatest white tail deer hunting in Texas. Our ranches are being overrun by wild boars and make great hunting on a BOARing day. Contrary to Kozano’s beliefs, not ALL Texans have an armadillo as a pet, and not everyone in Texas has a ranch or horses, but we do get “guns & ammo” magazines delivered to our houses… It’s a diverse state. Way up north you have the uber rich, in Austin you got the hippies, east you got the coastal crawlers, out west you have desert and a part of Texas that says they’re not Texans…. “We don’t take no shit” is basically Texas motto, we have all walks of life, central Texas is basically “little Germany” but with out the nazis and bad juju.

There used to be a time when you could cross the bridge into Mexico without a care, have a few beers, eat some delicious street food, and go shopping. Now it’s awfully dangerous. The cartels have taken over, and even though it’s calmed down a bit, innocent people die on a daily basis. I remember crossing that bridge on several occasions to go grab a few beers and ceviche with my friends after school (since you don’t need an ID over there). You try that now you might get kidnapped or murdered. At one point there was even a show taped in our “little” town called “Bordertown: Laredo”. Google it to get a little insight and cringe with the rest of us.

-Marko The Sharko

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