Ladies Line: Inside @thejoefresh

The next best thing to being a fly on wall when Stef and Joe Fresh are on the phone is…

Taking Lackie’s advice to #BeLikeDean, I invited the Joe Fresh to a phone call. I wasn’t 100% sure he’d even say yes. With today’s technology and our ability to reach each other at arms length, a phone call seem extremely personal. I mean, think about it, a phone call has become something you just wouldn’t do with just anyone… But he agreed and just like Lackie said, we started laughing the moment we heard each others voices. It was like laughing with someone who knew what I was talking about, like finally laughing out loud about every inside joke from the show that no one else in my house knows about, and we hadn’t even said anything yet. It’s a weird feeling, but in a good way.

Before we got on the phone, I CREEPED hard though his Twitter. If you check it out you’ll see a crazy cool DIY Halloween costume from Beatlejuice. Joe told me that he’s gone all out on a lot of costumes including Quail Man from the cartoon Doug and Earthworm Jim from the cartoon of the same name. Again- crazy cool.

Joe is a Phoenix Suns fan and catches them at the Staple center when they’re on the road every chance he gets. We talked about the glory days of D’antoni with Nash, Bell, and Stoudemire. If you check out his pics on Twitter you can see the cool PHX hats he rocks. If you’re an everyday listener, then you might remember when JJ was awarding giant tubs of Biggs sunflower seeds on Mondays to the TOTD (tweet of the day) winner. You might also remember that Joe won one. I asked him if he still had any and he laughed. He said “(laughs) I do! I think I have a couple… rattling around in the trunk of my car… it was too much! My mouth couldn’t take it…” And I laughed like crazy about dry lips and proverbial mouths that can’t take it.

I asked how he heard about JMS and he has a great story about it. He says “A friend of mine told me about it and I was instantly hooked.” He said the content was relevant and hilarious, he talked about JMS like it was the breath of fresh air he was looking for in sports radio. He could tell the listeners were a close community right away. He comments “it’s such a small world you know, the guy who turned me on to JMS is actually really good friends with @jorr2727 and that’s how he started listening to the show.”

I asked him to walk me through his first THT win, cuz we all remember our firsts fondly right? I do anyway… He said @aussie_steven congratulated him in a tweet before he heard it on the radio. We’re all aware that LA listeners like me and Joe Fresh are on an approximately 90 second delay than live radio, right? But then when he heard his name on the radio… “I jumped up and down and screamed WOOOO and my co-workers thought I was crazy.” He said he won the day after Caitlyn Jenner made her public appearance, so you can imagine, or go back to that date, what the tweets looked like on that day. I could tell he had a huge smile on his face while describing his first win.

I asked some “rapid fire” questions if you will…

  • Do you like takis- “yes! I love takis.”
  • Do you like hot Cheetos- “yeah but I’m weird I put lemon on them.”
  • That’s not weird, that’s just Mexi, what’s your favorite food- “mariscos from Port O’call”
  • What’s your favorite beer- “uuuum any?”
  • Yeah but what’s your go to, your main hang of beers- “my go to is Stella”

At which point I accused him of being fancy and classy and we both laughed. I stopped the interview after this but we stayed on the phone and talked for at least another half hour. What a fantastic dude. We just talked about his wife n kids and my husband and what we do in our spare time and such. I can’t stress this enough, I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. And it wasn’t because we were saying anything particularly hilarious, but because meeting a friend for the first time, yet somehow you already share a bunch of inside jokes with, is just a genuinely happy moment.

I totally forgot to ask him about the JMS shirts he’s designing, because I’m a dummy, but P.S. He’s designing JMS shirts that can be purchased. Reach out to him if your interested about it, don’t be shy, he’s an awesome dude and a true Mohrrior!! Thank you for your time and for the interview! In the words of JJ- love you Joe fresh, you know I mean it.

-Stefani Baez

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