The Walking Funny

It’s similar to “The walking Dead”… but with a twist.

Premise of “The Walking Funny”

It’s similar to “The walking Dead”… but with a twist. No voracious flesh eating zombies, no blood letting, but instead a world overrun by humans with unnaturally enhanced humor  caused by an experimental virus manufactured by a Secret disavowed Military project called ‘The Manha-ha-ha-tan Project”

Excerpts from “The Walking Funny”

Scene 1.  A young couple very much in love walks through a park late at night. A Funbie (the name of a human infected with the rare and virulent Tee-Hee-Hee virus..not a Zombie but a FUNbie ) jumps on top of the male and bites his neck. The Funbie then runs off into the woods.

Nikki- “Honey, honey !! Ok ?!!…what was that?!!

Jay- “I’m ok sweatheart, whatever or whoever that was, bit me …but I believe 1’ll be alright.”………yet… I have to ask you something…

Nikki- “What pumpkin?”

Jay –“ What’s the deal with the Golden Coral ?

Nikki- “ Wh..what are you talking about ??”

Jay- “What’s up with the Golden Coral? A Coral is an animal enclosure, but no one would eat at a place called “Animal Enclosure” …But if it’s called “Golden Animal Enclosure” then everyone lines up to eat marshmallow covered sweet potatoes , fried chicken, and a side of cream corn. Is the word “Golden” THAT POWERFUL?!!

She then immediately starts rolling on the floor laughing after which,… Jay bites her.

Scene 2. A scientist concocts a special anti-viral serum by grinding a Tyler Perry movie manuscript into a virtual liquid state, adding the DNA of the constantly frowning Kanye West with the tears of 4,000 disappointed  Laker fans. The scientist approaches the Director of Homeland Security.

Director of Homeland –“What is that?”

Scientist –“It’s the anti serum. Inject this into the host and they will never be funny again.

Director of Homeland- “I see.”

Scientist- “ …We can inject it into ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Tom Bergeron, but he’s already not funny . He may become negative funny and I don’t think the world is ready for two negative funny guys….the second being that Trivago spokesperson.”

The Director of Homeland Security starts rolling on the floor laughing…the scientist; Ryan Readman then bites him, Robert Pineda.

After a few minutes, Robert Pineda says the following in front of an audience of Mohriors—

This is an open ended script, so please feel free to add new story lines!

-Etchant Man

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