Zebras and ‘Passenger 57’

Etchant Man shares two artcles and videos: Zebras and ‘Passenger 57’.

This is a two part article with two videos based on two completely unrelated subjects.


The other day on Jay mohr Sports there was a news story about a zebra. Evidently there was a 5 month old zebra that somehow escaped a barn in Catskill, N.Y. Three burning questions arise,

1.How could such a horrific event could take place ? ( sarcasm font )

2.What must grilled zebra taste like ?

…the latter which can be procured by asking Anthony Bourdain who by the way must have the richest and most diversified stool sample to collect ever. Mr. Bourdain has some nerve going all the way to the Inner Congo to, not provide medicine or finances, but instead, ask them to make him a lousy sandwich.

3. Why do Zebras exist ?

I don’t care about the first two questions, so my attention rests on the third, especially from the evolutionary point of view.


On Jay Mohr Sports, Jay mentioned his admiration of Livingstone Bramble, a champion lightweight boxer from the Virgin Islands. My attention was grabbed when I heard he was known to run around with a snake on his neck. My stream of consciousness did the following: snake on a man, snake on a plane, Samuel L Jackson, black actors on planes, Wesley Snipes, … Passenger 57

There’s something about the movie ‘Passenger 57’ that annoys me.

-Etchant Man

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