Chase Shelton (@SockDrawerHero), In Memorium

This piece is written by Guest Mohrrior, Scott Impens. Please visit the GoFundMe page to raise some money for Chase’s family.

Chase Shelton, @SockDrawerHero.

Mohrriors, in what has become an all too alarming trend we say goodbye again to one of our own. I am heartbroken over this to say the least. Chase was a beautiful soul that was taken from us way too soon.

90% of us reading this knew him as the “sockdrawerhero” who was as brilliant as he was funny when he would tweet into Jay Mohr Sports. The guy was automatic when it came to spot on pure funny tweets. He would never go the route to get the “easy read” (we know the ones) and if he would get rolling, your best bet was to put down the phone, walk away from twitter and just enjoy because nothing you were going to do was going to be that funny and perfect.

He was a fantastic musician as well. I know that he played in some bands and most recently was part of a project called “Modern State”. I urge you to youtube them and can see some of the home movies they created. They had a sound that was crisp, entrancing and experimental without sounding too douche (see example Radiohead).

He was a Navy man like his old man but didn’t make it a career and we bonded over that because I was too so it was nice telling sea stories only because we walked on the same grounds but at different times.

Once again I am crushed and heartbroken. Please keep his family in your prayers and hug your loved ones extra tight.

-Scott Impens

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There is a GoFundMe page to raise some money for his family.

Chase’s Facebook page has many, many tributes from family and friends, but appears visible only to his Facebook friends.

Chase’s current band, Modern State, has 3 tracks on Band Camp.

Chase’s band, Rubles for Rodya, in 2012: