A Rose by any Other Name…

Stefani Baez disappeared from Twitter… and lived to tell about it.

If you’ve noticed Stefani Baez hasn’t been around lately…not the case… Trust: I STAY lurking on that TL… I had to create a new account recently, bio was simple : Mohrrior. That’s it…cuz that’s basically why I’m on Twitter, so that’s what I went with. I have to admit I had to take a leap of faith. I had to leave behind my bio “belt” that said 10x THTC winner n all the feels that come with that…leave all the followers n all the relationships I had built. I had to go to no one knowing me, or anything about me. I had no kind smile selfie avi to offer up, to ease ppls minds when they think “who is this broad talking to me right now?” I did tell a couple of people right away, told the fine folks of JayMohr.Fans and people I felt were on a need to know, people I talk to everyday, u know what I mean…

It felt weird, really weird. …I broke down n told some people in the DM’s cuz when people started to talk to me and open up to me it felt like I was secretly three way calling them. & I HATED when bitches would bust that type of Crap in the 90’s! ChargerChick n theJoeFresh probly know what I’m talkin bout. So I had to be like “hey man, it’s me 😏” Some ppl were like “I KNEW it!” N some were like “oh wow, our convo makes so much more sense now… ”

I have to applaud and thank and virtual hug all of the Mohrriors. Everyone was so welcoming and so positive from the start. I mean Brad gave me a bunch of shout outs (thank goodness) I mean, he knew from the start, but I appreciated it just the same. A very intuitive Mike in Frezno DM’d me like “this isn’t who I think it is…is it…?” And he was spot on… When I told Readman he said something to the effect of “pffft, I knew, u think I don’t kno ur tweets by now?” As for those that didn’t know: Kozan asked if there was anything he could do for ME, piñeda liked n retweeted a bunch of my day 1 tweets. They had no idea who I was. Tovar told me to DM any Mohrrior anytime for a welcome chat and told me what a great dude JJ is. Noble Darrin encouraged me to keep on tweeting the show 🙂 a couple other ppl gave me some encouraging words about tweeting in the show like Carlos Lopez and I thank u all for making the experience a good one. I was essentially a stranger, showing up to the tweet deck day 1 and all these special people took the time to reach out, be nice, and maybe make a new friend. Even OG’s like Chim and UKnoWhoIAm (Editor’s note: previously Allan Mann, Johnny Ringo, you ain’t the first, Stef) made it easy to make friends through tweets. (BTW: chim was one of the first persons to encourage my original account to keep tweeting JMS and I will always think of him fondly for that) Have to call out O’Halloran too just for being so cool to me as a “newcomer”…Everyones actions speak to the special environment, that collectively, you all have created. This is not to say we are without faults, my “new Mohrrior” status was less than 24 hours old and Someone was already apologizing to all the Mohrriors n JJ about some shit that was said, I don’t even know the sitch, and a lot of Peeps were pounding on some Twitter handle for criticizing the JMS tweet deck process… I know we are really protective of each other and the show and the tweet deck because we value it, and sometimes people need to be told to relax or to chill on the negativity, but just be careful how you tell them. Cuz 1: like I’ve heard JJ say before, “be kind, you have no idea what kind of day/life someone else is going through” And 2: A new Mohrrior with a one day old Twitter account might be getting their first impression of you in a tweet where you’re telling someone to #stfu when that’s only you like 1% of the time. I’m not saying change your unique n authentic voice in your tweets, just bringing up something to consider.

I was reminded of how tweeting the show is like a speed chess game in a park with a old Russian dude in a track suit for money when u haven’t won a hat trick yet… It’s #borderLineStressfull it gets intense, but really fun.

But even more so when ppl DM’d me during the show asking if “I’ve gotten one read yet” or how they were “routing for me” I was reminded how winning is REALLY cool, but it’s not everything. I replied with a cool, sly “no big deal” or “I do it for the likes” which perhaps I hadnt until that moment realized was totally true. We all love hearing our tweets on the radio, heck I even love hearing a tweet that I “liked” on the radio, but the best part is the friendships and the side convos. Readman and I are usually caught up in some bit that’s way too inappropriate for radio, will never in a million years get read, but oh well we’re having fun. In short, y’all r awesome. And I love the tweeting aspect of JMS cuz it gets us to put a voice out there, reaching for a THT, and win or no win, we end up reaching alotta really cool people along the way.

Not everyone has a second chance at a first impression, unless you get a new Twitter handle, but in any case, I thank you all for allowing me that chance and for making the experience a fantastic one.

P.S. I asked Brad if I should tell JJ what my new handle is, n he said “no way…n double points if he says you could be the next Stefani Baez” 😂😂

See y’all on that tweet deck! Ladies Line is Lit!

-Stefani Baez

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