For Dean Montgomery

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I never met Dean in person. (We actually discussed getting a beer together someday). Despite not “knowing” me, we had a few phone conversations when I was having a rough time. He came off as a giver. A guy that you were glad to know at your worst times because no matter how hard you fell, he was picking you up, dusting you off, giving you the “Win one for the gipper” speech, and making you want to overcome. I am honored to own the Mohrrior shirt that he designed because he treated life the way it should be treated, a day at a time, and if things don’t work out, scratch it and get it right. If it’s still wrong, try again. He seemed to back down from nothing, even a hurricane. I wish I had the opportunity to shake his hand. Dean was what life should be all about.

-Brian Herzog

I’m a little bad at this, but here goes. I am sitting here wearing my THTC sweatshirt that Dean packaged up for shipping right before he left us. I didn’t even order the sweatshirt, but he knew I was interested and so he packaged it just waiting for me to give the ok. It is so comforting to be wearing this logo. I look at it and I start to tear up, in a good way.

When I first called Dean about my THTC shirt in 2013 I was so nervous! I hate talking on the phone and I didn’t even know him… Ask my husband, I had to talk myself into it. 5 minutes later I’m laughing my ass off and having a conversation with Dean like I’d known him forever! I just wish I had made that call more often… At least I have my sweatshirt 😌.



When I first called Dean about my THTC shirt in 2013 I was so nervous! I hate talking on the phone and I didn’t even know him… Ask my husband, I had to talk myself into it. 5 minutes later I’m laughing my ass off and having a conversation with Dean like I’d known him forever! I just wish I had made that call more often… At least I have my sweatshirt 😌.

The landscape of sports talk radio is usually very personality driven where shows are mostly all about the host with maybe some minor involvement from crew members.  The typical sports talk fan may get a call in to discuss topics mainly to serve as a further platform for the hosts opinions.  In some cases interaction between fans is left to trash talk about rival teams or conferences or sports.  While this is mostly in fun and to serve as entertainment for the show, it also makes for a relatively cold and impersonal if not antagonistic listener-ship.

When Jay started his sports talk show back in 2013 he said he was going to do something different.  He said he wanted to make a show that wasn’t about him. He used phrases like “It’s not me, it’s we” or “It’s your show, I just steer.”  He stated he wanted a show where the fans were an integral part regarding content creation and direction of the conversation.  It’s a model that is very atypical of sports radio and really talk radio in general.  Yes, now in the days of social media more and more shows incorporate fan interaction, but usually just to serve as a springboard for the hosts opinions.

What Jay wanted, and said from the beginning is what is truly different about his show.  With the fan interaction he wanted to bring a spirit of positivity to the sports talk dial.  If you want to trash talk about Bill in Idaho’s final four picks there are a dozen places on the radio or internet to do that.  What Jay envisioned was an actual community of people not tearing each other down but building and supporting each other.  And after three years, he’s done it and there is no better proof than the life of Dean Montgomery.

If you’ve read the other testimonies others have written you’ll see a lot of things coming up over and over about Dean:

  1. He’s the first person they ever talked to “from the show”.
  2. One day, he just sent them an avatar for their twitter account
  3. He sent them an awesome shirt, just the way they wanted it
  4. They talked for over an hour or two
  5. They received texts, or DMs or even newer avatars out of the blue from Dean over the years.

The show has a daily contest called the Twitter Hat Trick where winners get a twitter follow from Jay and possible tickets to his stand up gigs if he’s in your area.  But for the most part, it’s merely a fun little bragging rights type contest.

Dean enjoyed art and graphic design and one day made a logo for the Twitter Hat Trick and he started to make avatars for winners of the twitter hat trick.  They always had something to do with a person’s teams or jobs or hobbies.  He never did this by request, they just ended up in your DM box or tweeted out to you on your timeline. Usually a surprise always right on the mark.  He would actually study your twitter bio  information and look your tweets over to figure out an avatar that fit you perfectly.  And if he got inspired, he’d make three or four always hoping to make it just perfect for you even if you personally couldn’t tell a difference.  Not because anyone asked him, just because that was Dean.

At some point Dean decided he’d offer to make t-shirts for the winners if they wanted one. So he made sure and asked for Jay’s blessing and started something very special.  You see, Dean didn’t do this for money. I don’t know if he ever made anything off the shirts, in fact I’m pretty sure he lost money a lot of times.  He’d ship internationally, he’d get one shirt (which typically costs more because its not in bulk) because someone preferred a certain style or color.  He always told people, just send me a check even though he’d already shipped the shirt.  I asked him if he was worried about getting burned, he said that he trusted people and they always proved him right. And the one requirement for ordering a shirt was talking to Dean on the phone.  You see he wasn’t happy with “what’s your size”, no he wanted to talk to you to see if there was something different that he could do to make it perfect just for you.  And those calls just weren’t about shirts, this guy loved to talk and he’d try and learn as much about you as possible. Not because anyone asked him, just because that was Dean.

I think if you asked anyone back in 2013 if Jay’s mission statement of a community of fans that supported each other with a foundation of positivity they’d probably just cynically wave the idea off.  I’d challenge they need only look at Dean Montgomery.  Because Dean was exactly what Jay Mohr was talking about in 2013: positive, thoughtful, supportive and generous. Not because anyone asked him, just because that was Dean.

-Richard Lackie

Go From There Podcast – Interviews by Travanti Jaramillo.


I’m not now nor have I ever been a member of the Jay Mohr Sports Twitter Hat Trick Club (and thus undeserving of the t-shirts), but I feel the loss of an overall great person just the same. The level to which I’ve mourned someone whom I’ve never met in real life defies any and all description. To quote a line from “Game of Thrones”: “His watch has ended.”

God bless you and God rest you, sir. Safe travels to the Other Side

–Jason Bullett (@518_Bull)


Dean is an absolute sweetheart as everyone already knows. He slid into my DM’s right after I won a Hat Trick and at like midnight that night he was like “can u call me right now?” It’s was funny cuz I felt so lame, I was like “well, no I can’t, my husband will be like who the hell are u talking to at this hour? And I would have to answer well I don’t really know, I’m meeting him for the first time right now” but he was cool about it n didn’t call me out for being uncool. I called him the next day on my way home from school, it was raining, it smelled like oil and water cuz I was on the freeway. I told him he sounded like Matt McConehay through laughter and he laughed back and said “alright alright alright alright!” He asked me about what I was doing and what I was taking classes for and he was making an effort to be interested rather than interesting. He was so selfless in that way. in our closets, in our photos, in our DM’s, in our hearts and memories we have evidence. Evidence of someone. Evidence of something special, something I can’t quite explain, something real. Because Dean really made it happen, Dean really called me, Dean really sent me those shirts, Dean really made an effort to make a personal connection with everyone and he was really good at it. I didn’t realize how much you all meant to me until today. What a shame. The twitter sphere seems so theoretical, I sometimes forget all the wonderful words I see are attached to real people, real friends. Thank you Dean for all you do. Even now you’re strengthening the bonds of the Mohrriors. You will be remembered always and fondly.

Best, Stefani Baez

Hi Dean,

I remember the day as if it were just yesterday, winning my first #THTC on July 8th, 2015…  JJ announcing my name as the winner and you know what came shortly after #Mohrriors!?  A custom avi that my twitter account has been rocking ever since with the Portland Trail Blazers logo and of course the THTC winner logo; a thing of beauty from Dean of course.  I was amazed that a person that I really don’t know would do such a nice thing for me.  A day or two after that, which I just thought would be a quick phone call to get a THTC shirt became just a great conversation with a great person.

Looking forward to talking to you again my friend, I know you’ll win this fight.

#WE is with you!!

– Mikey Soriano from Rip City

At the risk of redundancy, I’d like to share some thoughts on Deano. Like many have already expressed, Dean was one of the first in the Mohrrior Family to acknowledge and reach out to me. Like many, I have some reservations about speaking to people on the phone, especially the initial call. Sounds weird coming from someone who made a living speaking with people and talking about what might possibly have been the worst moments of their lives, right?  That was different. They weren’t real. Well, they were real, but I guess it’s just different when it’s a job. Personal, real interaction is much different and Deano is as real as it gets. We shared DMs and he insisted on a chat to get some info for the T-shirt I wanted. After a bit of phone tag we finally connected. I was taking a walk and apologized in advance that it was quite windy. He said something to the affect of, “ahh, that’s no problem, I’ll probably do most of the talking anyway.” This wasn’t true at all because despite the initial anxiety, once I get going I’m just as chatty as Deano. What an icebreaker that was. From that point on it was as if I was speaking with a childhood friend I had lost touch with. We spoke about high school sports, his powerful Katrina experiences, my job and my favorite topic, my wife and kids. It was such a natural and comfortable conversation. Just before writing this I wanted to scan over our DMs to see if there was anything I missed in my retrospective and there it was, hitting me like a sledgehammer….Upon my retirement announcement, Deano had created and sent me a beautiful graphic congratulating me.

He followed it with a DM “I don’t know how you’re going to take it, buts it is positive.” I told him it was very cool and pretty accurate. I had received tons of congrats, but for him to take the time to use his creativity was so special to me. Seeing this, today, made me tear up the same way it did when I saw it the first time. And that’s Deano, an impactful human being. There are certain people that enter this world and have an impact on nearly everyone they encounter, however brief or conversely deep those interactions may be. It is clear that Dean Montgomery touches everyone he encounters. I used to pray a lot, but my faith has gone in a different direction. As  a result, I always feel it is disingenuous for me to say “I’m praying for you.”  That being said, I’ve had Deano on my mind constantly since I learned of his condition.  I’m sending positivity and my hopes for a complete recovery. The Mohrrior Family will have a hole until he returns to us. I love you, Deano.

Your brother,
Tim O’Halloran


I’m not going to write about you. I’m going to write TO YOU. I mean, since I can’t have one of our “brief” 45 minute phone calls, this is the best I’m going to get! Remember when you called me the first time? Yeah me too. I had to pull up a chair, pour a 64oz drink, and wear depends because there was no way I would have had time to pee or quench my thirst. The great thing about about that phone call was that I wasn’t even a hat trick winner. We discussed my book and opportunity I potentially had in coming down to Gulfport for an author visit.

I knew, based on that ONE phone call, that we were going to be friends for life. You, with your southern gulf drawl. Me, with my northern, Yankee gruff tone. But friends. I guess we both have accents, huh?

Listen bro. You’re a special breed. I’ve talked and read about all these stories from fellow Mohriorrs on how you reached out to them and made connections. I’ve read handfuls of confessions about what a great guy you are. And I must confess, they’re right. As much as I had hoped they would say you’re a dirtball, scumbag, weirdo… weren’t. For someone I’ve never met, you’ve made quite an impact on my life.

The book: For the rest of my life, you’re forever going to be associated with “The Great Green Tree And The Magical Ladders.” Your help with the cover was what I needed to push that art over the top. We hammered on that thing for months! I’m so glad you’re a part of it. Truly.

I was going to tell you some sappy stuff, but I’ll tell you what…I’ll just save that for our next “brief” conversation. What say, you?

#WE will talk soon.

Love you Deano.


I too like most Twitter Hat Trick winners received a DM shortly after the end of the show.

“if you have a minute give me a call real quick please sir”

Real quick? Probably for Dean standards it was quick… about 30 minutes.  Such a pleasant and helpful guy.  We exchanged DMs throughout the next week.

Inspired by Dan Beyer’s antics at Super Bowl Media Day, I created an image of a hard hitting safety for the Broncos… #37 Jay Mohr.  It got some run during the week and then Dean retweeted the image on Super Bowl Sunday.  Dean was DM’ing me and wanted to talk, so I called him at halftime.  He was so excited for me because of the number of views the image was getting and even taught me how to look up the stats.

“15,994 pretty impressive dude”

We talked about what each other did for a living and what tools I used to build create the image.  Dean was genuinely interested in learning more about me and even more excited that my creation was getting the Twitter response that it was.

I want more calls with Dean like our Super Bowl Sunday call!

-Phil in Tacoma (@pjgreen)

I’m a former roommate and long time friend of Deanlovins, Deanomite…When our beloved Saints FINALLY won the SB, I swear the game was still on and he whipped up this for me, colorblind and all…

Dean told me about Jay’s talk show once before long time ago, but I could never find it on iheart radio
or anywhere else…he finally showed me where and how to find it, and I’ve listened off and on
(I work in a busy office when it’s on) so I haven’t really had the experience of tweeting while
listening and understanding what’s really going on. But I know one thing, he absolutely loves all
of y’all, and y’all have truly shown so much love towards him, it really is a blessing! He sent me
this pic of him and Jay, he was so smitten over getting to meet him…

God bless you DeanO, get well, love you brother! And bless each and every one of y’all! #muchlove


What can I say about a man I’ve never met personally? Heck what can I say about a man that hasn’t been said already? Dean is an honorable man, trustworthy, selfless, and always thinking of others are a few things that come to mind. I remember when I won my first THTC, I was in shock, body shaking from nerves, like my sugar dropped, within the hour the thank yous came and went, but one stood out the most, Deans. He Dm’d me and told me the usual congrats and welcome to the club, then he did something weird he asked me for my number, not in a “hey what are you wearing” kinda way but in a I wanna get to know you as a brother and a human being. That day I didn’t get to talk to him over the phone due to work and me being a weirdo who hates talking in the phone (total opposite of Dean from what I’ve heard) Dean is the essence of we he’s brought so many people together with a logo, I know I’m not alone when I say Dean is a mohrrior, a brother, a friend. #WE love you dean-O get well soon brother cause a phone call is LONG OVERDUE. #DM24 #PrayersForDean #we

-Marko the Sharko

I had been avidly listening to the show and steadily trying to win a #THTC. I had been told by other Mohrriors that if I would ever win I would need to talk to Dean because Dean always had to talk to the new winners. I was told that this wouldn’t be a short conversation, since Dean loved to talk. I laughed knowing that I too loved to talk.

On February 8th I was fortunate to win the #THTC, and shortly afterward I got a message from Dean. I made sure that when I finally got a chance to call Dean I blocked off the appropriate amount of time. Unfortunately when I called Dean I messed up the phone number and got some confused kid on the other line. I wasn’t really sure if maybe he was just messing with me since before I was hung up on the kid gave me a good “Deez Nuts”!!

After I realized my mistake I tried again to get Dean on the phone. This time I got it right, and there I was having a conversation with a man I never met before but felt like I had known for years. We talked about life, work, families and maybe even some sports. I would like to point out I did more of the talking, just to show you how much I talk.

I truly feel blessed to have met Dean and to have been welcomed into this wonderful Mohrrior Family. I look forward to each day tweeting with everyone , laughing at your tweets, and even making a few people laugh as well.

My Grandfather, Father and now myself have been known to talk a lot and to have  conversations with people we don’t even know. Sometimes we  may not even catch a person’s name, but it always feels we’ve know them forever. Dean is like that, Dean is able to communicate and relate to all of us. Dean, get well, we love you and are praying for you.

Jace Denman

Dearest Dean,

Get well soon! I know your a big part of the Mohrrior Family, thus its WE. We ride together. We are all thinking of you, sending love and peace and wishes for A speedy recovery!

All our best,
Jennifer ( @o_x_y_j_e_n) & Paul (@chessman7)

Dean was my “welcome man” into the universe of “#We” and “#Mohrriors.” I can remember DMing back and forth about the color scheme I wanted for my hoodie. The next DM was a phone number. A phone number??? On Twitter?!? Well I picked up the phone expecting a quick 5 minute conversation. Over an hour later, we were still bullshitting over our less-than-stellar football careers in high school and our seemingly affinity for concussions. To be honest, there was nothing PARTICULARLY special about the conversation. But THAT is what made it special. He cared more for getting to know me and just wanted to talk. It was great. That day I knew this show/group was for me. Moving to a place where I haven’t met a lot of new friends, it was a revelation that someone from TWITTER could actually care about my thoughts, interests, and past experience.

Get better Dean. We’re all pulling for you.
#We #ForDean


Dean is a super creative person. You can see his work all over Twitter. But it’s one of his creations, that I will share with you, that has truly impacted my life. A thread. Yes just a DM thread. It is Deans, and it is beautiful. Through this, fantastic friendships have came about, a love for others that is family level love. This, creation of Deans has helped me and others through some though times. It has also brought so much joy and laughter into our lives, my life.

So I write this not to tell you, but to tell Dean how thankful I am for this great and wonderful thing you let me in, and just how much I love you brother.

#WE #DEAN #24 s-MIF Michael Wall

Dean was the 1st Mohrrior to call me. It was a conversation that lasted an hour. He told me he liked to get to know everyone. We talked like we’ve been friends in the past and were catching up. I want to leave it at that for now. To be continued…until then… “Live your life in a way that you can live forever.”

Dean has done this. He will always live within us. He’ll battle through this to read this. He’ll call me, and thank me for the kind words. Then we’ll catch up again. Until that time, you’re in our prayers homie. Seeya soon. -AO

Dean man! Get better! Not sure what’s going on but I’m praying for you. When I won my first Twitter hat trick the first and only person to call me and congratulate me was you. Made me feel like family. You told me about other Mohrriors you talked too and got to know them and it really impressed me you even got to know me. You were so positive you really convinced me to get to the next level for football. You have to pull through because I need to meet you in person have a couple beers with you. Again I’m thinking about you man! Get better. -Jesee Bushue

Brothers in arms, Dean and Boaz.


Dean was one of the my first people to reach out to me privately when my son tried to kill himself. He offered some simple words of encouragement and support. He continued to check in me over the months often being silly. All I can offer is all my family’s prayers, positive thoughts, and love for healing. -Ryan Savino

The day this site was launched, Dean gave me a call and offered to do some graphics for the site. I was focused on getting a site up and a few people published, and I didn’t know what to ask for. He saw the #Carnac page and sent me a JJ as Carnac with #THTC on his card the next week. If you haven’t checked this picture out, check it out below. Thinking of you Dean! -Brad