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Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr

Mohr Stories is hosted by actor, comedian and sports enthusiast, Jay Mohr. The typical format has one celebrity guest that joins Jay in studio to talk about showbiz, comedy and life. Jay's guests have included Jay Leno, Charlie Sheen, Mark McGrath, Eric Roberts, Jeremy Guthrie and Rich Eisen. He is a frequent guest on the New York City drive-time radio show "Opie & Anthony," where he adds his own commentary on the bizarre in-studio happenings and of course, throws in the occasional Christopher Walken impersonation.

Mohr Stories 336: Leigh Steinberg

Leigh Steinberg. Storied Sports Agent, advocate and humanitarian. You can just call him a good guy. Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 335: Pete Turner

Pete Turner Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 334: Rob Bell

Rob Bell. Still Seeking. Put Your Name On It!

Jay Mohr Sports Hours

Jay Mohr Sports Hours

Jay Mohr Sports: 04/29/2016

On today's Jay Mohr Sports, Jay is giving us a Draft recap plus Laremy Tunsil falls do to a unfortunate video. Bengals QB Andy Dalton stops by to talk Bengals draft picks and the NFL. Dan Beyer with the Top 3 plus a new Twitter Hat Trick Winner All this and more on an action packed Friday of Jay Mohr Sports.

Jay Mohr Sports: 04/28/2016

On today's Jay Mohr Sports, Jay is talking NFL Draft and gives us his mock draft. Speaking of the draft Fox Sports College Football analyst Joel Klatt stops by to give us his thoughts on the upcoming NFL Draft. NY Knicks Carmelo Anthony speaks to the guys about life as a Knick and with Dan Beyer out Isaac Lowenkron fills in with the top 3. Fox Sports Julie Stewert-Binks is in studio giving us her takes on the sports headlines of the day plus a new Twitter Hat Trick Winner, and a new Are You Serious. All this and more on an action packed Thursday of Jay Mohr Sports.

Jay Mohr Sports: 04/27/2016

On today's Jay Mohr Sports, Jay is talking about the craziness of sam Bradford and maybe it's a great idea for a lot of QB's to go early in the upcoming NFL Draft. . Dan Beyer also has a new Top 3, plus a new Twitter Hat Trick Winner, and a new Are You Serious. All this and more on an action packed Wednesday of Jay Mohr Sports.

Jay Mohr Sports: 04/26/2016

On today's Jay Mohr Sports, Jay is talking about the comments that Mark Cuban made about Westbrook and the Thunder last night. Jay talks about the injury to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and the chances the Clippers have without him to advance in the playoffs. Brian Billick of the NFL Network calls into the show to break down the NFL Draft. Jay weighs in on the NBA Coach of the Year award going to Steve Kerr. Former NASCAR Driver Kyle Petty joins the show to talk about the current state of racing. Dan Beyer also has a new Top 3, plus a new Twitter Hat Trick Winner, and a new Are You Serious. All this and more on an action packed Tuesday of Jay Mohr Sports.

Jay Mohr Sports: 04/25/2016

On today's Jay Mohr Sports, Jay is reacting to the return of Tom Brady's 4 game suspension. Jay talks about Steph Curry's injury and the impact it could have on the rest of the NBA. Jeanie Buss calls into the show to talk about the Lakers decision to fire Byron Scott. Jay talks about the NFL Draft, Sam Bradford, and the Brady suspension with Fox Sports Insider Peter Schrager. Jay weighs in on the latest with Connor McGregor and the UFC. Dan Beyer also has a new Top 3, plus a new Twitter Hat Trick Winner, and a new Are You Serious. All this and more on an action packed Monday of Jay Mohr Sports.

Beast On The Road Podcast

Cec Beaston interviews interesting folks from the cab of his truck.

Trucking, going farther, faster and other trucking BS

My good friend Cole comes on and we talk about his truck, trucking together at JTL trucking. Also an epic trucker story about a midget prostitute (that's how we heard it)

Rick Beaston DIY guy and exotic animal wrestler.

My brother @rickbeaston tells about an awesome playhouse he built for his kids and tells a funny cop story.




Catching up with folks after a tragedy, joining a new family, the “quandary” of my alcoholism, and the return of GFT’s POSITIVITY THURSDAY gag!


A late night ramble about Metallica’s RELOAD, Chyna’s passing, and @hotrodwidow tweets.

The PodBash

Neighbors and Sports Fans that talk all that is sports and whatever else comes to mind!

One Small Step for Carson, One Giant Step for Bison Nation

Jace is flying solo but that doesn't mean he is alone! Jace is joined by Bison Illustrated Editor Joe Kerlin and by the AP Sports Guy Jon Krawczynski. A lot of Carson Wentz, Wolves, Vikings and Twins talk! You Betcha!

Dillon and Dutch Metal Detecting

We are treasure hunters, we are adventurers,...we are the future.

Season 2 Episode 6: The Gauntlet

Listen this week as Dillon and Dutch finally have a sit down with a special agent. Questions will be answered, but more questions will arise. A gauntlet will be thrown down, and when the smoke clears, only those who are true will be standing. Some times, the only law you can follow, is the law of survival. Hit subscribe. 

Season 2: Episode 5 Cat and Mouse

Listen in this week as Dillon and Dutch start to piece together a tapestry of unusual occurences that are leading them in the only conclusion: they are being hunted. The FBI has asked that they come in and have a sit down with them. Our trusted heroes have no clue what it’s about. At this point no one can be trusted, they only trust themselves. One thing is for certain, Dillon and Dutch have had enough. 


Join Lawrence, Thomas AKA Waterhead and Kovu as they talk about the news of the week as well as their personal lives.

lrws 04-29-2016


lrws 04-22-2016

Episode 271

Industry Standard w/ Barry Katz

A one-of-a-kind insiders look at Hollywood from a totally different perspective. This inspirational weekly series provides an “all access pass” to the entertainment business through the eyes of comedy manager/producer Barry Katz and the industry's biggest "behind the scenes" players who candidly reveal the risky decisions they made that led to the most groundbreaking internet, television, radio, music, and film content in the world. Combining humor, insight, and motivation; Katz provides the blueprint for the audience to take their careers to the next tier, while showcasing each guests’ extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to the highest levels in their field.

144: Cindy Chupack

CINDY CHUPACK is a two-time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer, best known for her work on "Sex & The City," "Modern Family," "Everybody Loves Raymond," and "Coach."  She has also won three Golden Globes for her work.  Her first screenplay, an adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel "How To Be Good," made the 2008 blacklist of best unproduced screenplays, she is attached to direct her first feature film called "Whatever Makes You Happy" for Netflix, and is about to start work as a co-executive producer under Jim Carrey on "I'm Dying Up Here," a new Showtime series about the comedy scene in 1970's Los Angeles.  In addition to writing for television and film, Chupack has written two books, "The Between Boyfriends Book," and "The Longest Date:  Life as a Wife."

143: Greg Coolidge

GREG COOLIDGE is a writer, director, producer, and former actor.  He produced and starred in the critically acclaimed Sundance film, "Possums."  He then began to expand his career, co-writing the cult hit "Sorority Boys" and its sequel, as well as "The Sachem Cup," and "The Wanderer." Coolidge also ventured into television, creating "Revved" for Fox, and "5-0" and "Procedural" for NBC.  With writing partners The Job Factory, a group of comedy writers, they wrote "Long Shots" and "Uncoachable" for Disney, and "Super Movie" for Revolution.  He made his directorial debut with "Employee of the Month," starring Dane Cook, Jessica Simpson, and Dax Sheppard.  Coolidge then began producing "Mancrush" for New Line, and co-created, direct, and executive produced Nickelodeon's "The Troop."  He also created and wrote Universal's hit film, "Ride Along," starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, and he is currently writing and producing "The Expendables" television series for Fox.

142: David Wild

DAVID WILD is an Emmy nominated writer and critic in the music and television industries, a New York Times Best Selling Author, as well as a contributing editor at Rolling Stone magazine. A graduate of Cornell, Wild spent his time at Esquire magazine before coming to Rolling Stone as a music editor and writer. Since 2000, Wild has spent much of his time writing for television including the Grammys, the Emmys, the Academy Awards and numerous other award shows. Wild was also the host of the television series “Musicians,” which aired on Bravo!. That same year, he was nominated for an Emmy for his work on “America: A Tribute to Heroes.” He has written liner notes for “Aerosmith,” “Bon Jovi,” “Neil Diamond,” “Billy Idol,” “Frank Sinatra,” “Motley Crue,” “Van Halen,” and many more. His best selling books include “Friends: The Official Companion,” “Seinfeld: The Totally Unauthorized Tribute,” and “Friends 'til the End.” In his newest venture, David will co- host a new digital talk show for Fandango called “Naked Lunch” with Phil Rosenthal.   Follow David on twitter @wildaboutmusic and follow Barry @barrykatz.