Posting to JayMohr.Fans

Here’s how to post to JayMohr.Fans.

  1. Use a browser on your computer. Chrome works best. Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox are OK.
  2. You must have an account to post content. Accounts are invite only. If you ask for an account, prepare to share something amazing that you’ve written or produced. Content here is 100% positive and mostly safe for radio.
  3. For now, this site is a weekend magazine format. Submit your article(s) by creating posts for them. Articles will be edited for formatting, published on Saturday mornings.
  4. Sign in here.

  5. Once signed in, at the top of your browser window, there is a + New widget. Mouse over it and choose Post from the drop-drown menu.

  6. Enter a title, type your text.

  7. While you are working, save your work by clicking the Save Draft button in the right column of the page.

  8. Plain text. Don’t go crazy with bold, italic, or colors. This will keep articles easy to read on phones.
  9. If you’re using the Chrome browser, you can paste images into your posts. Ctrl-v on your keyboard.
  10. Use the link tool in the editor to link to external content.

  11. When you are finished, click the Submit for Review button in the right column of the page. This will submit your article for future publishing. You can abandon a post by clicking the Move to Trash link.

  12. I’ll find a featured image for your post. Don’t worry about that.

Need help? DM me on Twitter or text me.